Inspiration for the Week

Weekend Inspiration September 1


  1. I love this nail polish! I tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel first since they did have this one line of polish I really liked, but sadly they only put out about six colors and then discontinued it. Shame on you Sally Hansen because that was one of the best lines you had. I’ll have a separate post, with pics, on my opinion on Revlon vs. Sally gel nail polishes. I wonder which will be my fave? Mmmmmm, I wonder….
  2. Ah, Estee Lauder, how I love thee and your many beauty addictions products. This Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Envious will be my next purchase and an FYI, Macy’s has an 8 piece GWP right now so check it out before it’s gone!
  3. Another “I wish it were Fall” moment. The moto jacket, and how great would it look in this emerald green for that pop of color? #Want
  4. Read! Even if it’s a gossip mag although I prefer Glamour 😉 take a moment out of your day just for you and read. We have an enforced lunch at work so I head to the library and read for about an hour. I’m not a lunch eater, don’t judge. I just finished Manor of Secrets and it was great! If you watch Downton Abbey you’ll love this book, one of my fave of the summer. Now I’m starting Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. I really hope it lives up to the first two. Let me know what you’re taking a moment out of your day to read, besides my post. 🙂


Have a great September everyone! Fashion Week(s) are almost here!!


Summer Reading Suggestions – Southern Style

Recently a good friend of mine asked for some good summer reads, so I thought I would share with everyone my list(s). I’m starting out with my Southern Reading list, most of which are oldies but goodies IMO anyway. Here we go…

  • The Help – I read the book, before I watched the movie and I loved it! As usual the book provides you with more background info on the different characters that you just can’t fit into a two hour movie and sadly something’s must be cut for the sake of the movie. The relationship between Minny and Celia is much more fleshed out in the book and very comical and reading about Minny’s “Terrible Awful” is just so much better in the book and yes you will laugh out loud, so be careful where you read this part of the book unless of course you don’t mind people looking at you like you’re crazy. 😉 You also see the dynamics and relationships of the maids and the babies they raised because the mothers were either too busy planning parties or just plain out rejected their own child. And whenever I feel sick I think to myself “Aibileen, please add my name to your list.” If you haven’t read The Help, you definitely need to add it to your summer reading list! Believe me it won’t take you very long to finish.
  • Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man by Fannie Flagg – I was introduced to Fannie Flagg after reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café (yes 9 times out of 10 if a movie is based on a book I’ma read the book) both of these books deserve a spot on your SRL, but if one were to make it first it should by Daisy Fay. This was the first book that ever made me truly LOL while reading. When the story begins Daisy is an 11 year old who lives in Jackson, MI with her mom and dad and there’s a story between her, her mom and an alligator that makes me laugh every time I think about it. Want to find out what happens? Add it to your list! The book then moves forward 5 years and Daisy Fay’s mom has finally had enough of her drunken husband and leaves a now 16 year old Daisy Fay with him and heads to her sister’s in Virginia. This is the south after all so of course there must be drama, but trust me, I wouldn’t steer you wrong it’s a great summer read with plenty of laughs.

That’s all I have for my Southern Reading list, that I would consider “beach read” worthy now if you’re feeling melancholy anytime during the summer then pick up any of Nicholas Sparks books, my faves are Dear John (waaaaay better than the movie, sorry Channing, but it’s true) and The Choice. On a side note, have you watched Silver Linings Playbook yet? The main character, played by Bradley Cooper, starts to read the books that his estranged wife recommends to her class, but when he gets to a plot twist or the end of the book and it’s a WTF moment he gets so frustrated/mad with the story and/or author that he throws the book. I can relate! Especially with Nicholas Sparks books, so just a bit of a warning there, you may not want to be around windows or make sure your e-reader is well protected in case you let it fly.


Now Reading: The Last Echo

I’m now starting Chapter 10 of The Last Echo, my BTFF got me the book for my birthday and I actually started reading it during our vacation back in July, but our family vacations could rival the Griswald’s at times, so I have yet to finish it (sorry BTFF). If you’d like to see pics of our fun vacation you can check them out here and here.

Here’s my thoughts on The Last Echo so far. Just an FYI if you’re still reading I’m going to take that as you don’t mind spoilers or you’re at least on Chapter 10 and if you’re also reading TLE please keep this post spoiler free beyond Chapter 10. Thanks!

My thoughts/predictions as of Chapter 10 (finally!):

  • My prediction: Sara and Rafe are related. At first I thought they could be mother and son, because of the way they act around/towards each other, but Sara doesn’t strike me as the type to get pregnant as a teen. She’s too orderly and Type A for that. So I’m thinking they’re brother and sister.
  • I’m glad Jay had a chance to see where Violet works, but now there’s Gemma. Is she going after Jay? We know Gemma doesn’t like Violet so would she try to break Jay and Violet up?
  • My prediction: The Collector will go after Violet, but who will save her, Rafe of Jay?
  • James Nua, what’s going on there? He’s in jail so he can’t go after Violet…right?

So there’s some of what I’m thinking so far, I may or may not do another post depending on whether I finish with the book before I can get a post out first. If you’re reading The Last Echo what are your thoughts so far? I’m off to read some more TLE!