Inspiration for the Week

Weekend Inspiration September 1


  1. I love this nail polish! I tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel first since they did have this one line of polish I really liked, but sadly they only put out about six colors and then discontinued it. Shame on you Sally Hansen because that was one of the best lines you had. I’ll have a separate post, with pics, on my opinion on Revlon vs. Sally gel nail polishes. I wonder which will be my fave? Mmmmmm, I wonder….
  2. Ah, Estee Lauder, how I love thee and your many beauty addictions products. This Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Envious will be my next purchase and an FYI, Macy’s has an 8 piece GWP right now so check it out before it’s gone!
  3. Another “I wish it were Fall” moment. The moto jacket, and how great would it look in this emerald green for that pop of color? #Want
  4. Read! Even if it’s a gossip mag although I prefer Glamour 😉 take a moment out of your day just for you and read. We have an enforced lunch at work so I head to the library and read for about an hour. I’m not a lunch eater, don’t judge. I just finished Manor of Secrets and it was great! If you watch Downton Abbey you’ll love this book, one of my fave of the summer. Now I’m starting Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. I really hope it lives up to the first two. Let me know what you’re taking a moment out of your day to read, besides my post. 🙂


Have a great September everyone! Fashion Week(s) are almost here!!


Essie: Lady Like

Lady Like

Here’s my mani from this past weekend. Yes, I know it’s already Wednesday…of the following week. At least I took a pic right? I’m actually excited that my mani turned out as well as it did because I’m still having problems when it comes to that bubble effect that can happen and in my case very often. :-/ I also had a problem with the polish not quite staying on my nail especially on my right hand, but I finally did a search on Amazon and found a brush to clean up my oopses. It works great! Of course this pic is of my left hand so you’ll just have to take my word for it. 😉 What’s your current color?

My Weekend Mani Color is…


You’ll have to excuse my DIY mani. I’m not the greatest manicurist, not even close, but I knew I wanted to do my nails after my BTFF posted a pic of all those colorful polishes on her Instagram. I’ve had this color for a while and since it’s a great summery color I figured why not. What do you think? I wasn’t too sure about it once I had it on, but then I got to work this morning and I got compliment on it. So now its growing on me, just not sure if its enough “growing” maybe I’ll give to someone else to try. 😉