Mally Beauty Gel Nails


I recently purchased Mally’s gel nail system on QVC when she was on all day a few weeks ago, I don’t know how you do it girl! The whole kit is about a $300 value priced at $69 and it’s on Easy Pay. I love Easy Pay!! So if you can contain yourself until after you finish reading this review hop on over to QVC and order yourself one. I mean, hello, you order it and get it home for about $30, which is less than the cost of the bag if you were to purchase it at, try it out and if you don’t like it send it back, boom you’re only out about $6, say wah??? You won’t send it back though, trust me on this one. 😉 Before I ordered I also went over to YouTube to find out how easy it actually was to apply. Yes, I know Mally shows us all on QVC how easy it is to polish your nails and swipe, swipe, 30 seconds under the LED light and done, but what is she going to say? “Oh, it’s going to take you all day and it’s very difficult to polish your nails with my product.” Uh, no of course not! So I found AllThatsRed video on YouTube, she does a great demo showing us how she applies the polish and tips on where you should set-up before you begin.

Everything that Mally puts in her kit fits in the bag that she includes. I love that! If you’re like me, you have nail polish bottles everywhere, because you’ve tried all of them hoping that you’ve finally found “the one”. With this kit you can keep everything together and you won’t be searching for your lamp and then your nail polish remover bowl once you’re ready to remove your polish and trying to remember where you put your nail polish remover. This bag keeps everything together and it’s not a flimsy bag either so it’s not going to fall apart on you. Mally also includes step-by-step instructions on how to apply everything. Yes, it’s going to take you longer than a minute to polish your nails, this is not a quickie application, but if you go to the manicurist does it only take a few minutes for them to apply your polish and out the door you go? No, of course not. You need to prep your nails and prime them before you apply your polish, if you wear makeup it’s similar steps. You put on your moisturizer (hopefully with SPF!), apply your primer and then your foundation same thing with this system, BUT after you’re finished guess what? You can go to bed, you can take a shower, you can give your love a hug and your polish is not going to smudge! Woo-hoo!! And once you get the steps down you’ll notice it doesn’t take as long as it did when you first started using Mally’s gel nail system.

I love this system and in my neck of the woods this will pay for itself in two applications. I don’t have to worry about walking into the nail salon and wonder if I’m going to get in right away or if I’m going to have to wait, and now that we’ve hit the spring/summer months, that’s a possibility. The only thing I have to worry about is will my hubby and son leave me alone long enough to get it done. Lol Another great thing about this kit is that the lamp is LED not UV, plus it has different timers to chose from if you feel that you need more than the recommended time that’s in the instructions. Again, yes using gel nail polish is a longer process than the usual regular nail polish, but if you’ve ever gone to the nail salon and had a gel/shellac manicure you know there are more steps than regular nail polish. Unlike regular polish, though, this will last you longer than a few days, it only takes about a minute to dry and you’re done.


Second day wearing Aristocrat

Once it comes time to removing your gel polish Mally provides a bowl for you to soak your hands in so that the polish can be easily removed from your nails. My main tip for this step is make sure that your soak off nail polish remover is room temperature, I made the mistake of removing my polish in front of the vent in our bedroom and OMG I felt like I had just put my hand in the Arctic ocean! The recommended soak time is 15 minutes and it was a bit of a torture with my first hand because the nail polish remover was so cold. So if you don’t like the cold, like me, make sure your nail polish remover is at room temperature. After I remove my gel nail polish, even before buying this kit, I always give my nails some recovery time before I apply a new color. With this kit I’m giving it about a week and I now have a new color on. I started with the Aristocrat and currently have Big Apple on and both colors are beautiful. QVC has a variety of nail polish colors that can be purchased separately with a $3 shipping charge and Mally also has colors on her website with free shipping at $50. My advice would be, if you see something you like on Mally’s website, but your shopping cart doesn’t total $50 or over look for it on QVC’s website since the shipping charge will be much less.

Here’s a few pics I took showing you the Aristocrat color and how the polish held up over 2 weeks.



  This is right at 14 days. I did start picking at some of the polish as you can tell. Opsie!



Black and Blue by @SallyHansen

Finally, a new mani! DIY of course since all these KSNY purchases have depleted my funds, but hey there’s nothing wrong with DIY and I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to manis, so don’t throw any shade my way. I wish I were an expert though, because there are some girls and boys that know their nail art. So anyway here’s my new mani for Mother’s Day Weekend: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Black and Blue. I love, love, love this shade! And just an FYI if you want to snag yourself a bottle, you better hurry because this was the last bottle at my local CVS so I’m pretty sure this color is going to be hard to find, at a regular price that is.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama readers! ♥


My Weekend Mani Redux


After nearly a week of wearing Barely Bluebell, it was definitely starting to grow on me. And since my mani was still in good condition I decided just to spruce it up a bit and added Electrify glitter nail polish from China Glaze to the top. Once again I was too sure whether I liked or not, but after many compliments at work and having it on for a few days I like it. IMO it feels like a Fall type glitter…maybe that’s why the temperatures were so cool at night thus past weekend!

My Weekend Mani Color is…


You’ll have to excuse my DIY mani. I’m not the greatest manicurist, not even close, but I knew I wanted to do my nails after my BTFF posted a pic of all those colorful polishes on her Instagram. I’ve had this color for a while and since it’s a great summery color I figured why not. What do you think? I wasn’t too sure about it once I had it on, but then I got to work this morning and I got compliment on it. So now its growing on me, just not sure if its enough “growing” maybe I’ll give to someone else to try. 😉

liquid palisade by @kiesque

Source: via M on Pinterest

Have you seen this Liquid Palisade by Kiesque? In my opinion, it’s designed for those of us who like to save some cash and DIY our own manicures and now that I’ve found nail polishes from Sally Hansen that won’t cause me to go into a rage. This would be a perfect addition to my arsenal. From what I’ve read you apply this to the edge of your cuticles before you begin to polish, let it dry, then apply your polish, once your polish is dry you peel of the Liquid Palisade and voila! A perfect manicure done right at home. Genius! You can also use this to do nail art or DIY a French Manicure. I’ve added it to my wish list so when I finally get to purchase one I’ll post a review over at my blog that has suddenly become quite lonely. Poor thing, maybe I should give it some attention this week.