Weekend Brunch

Weekend Brunch

This set was inspired by the Coach Legacy Perforated Haley. I love the color of the bag (Robin/Chalk) and it gives your outfit that perfect pop of color. Not only is this a great outfit to wear to brunch, but would be perfect for an office look.

On a side note, Polyvore please, please, please with a cherry on top make an app for Android! Not every fashionista uses an iphone. 😉

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Cheddar Bacon Dip via @Pinterest

Most of my pins lean more towards bags, shoes and clothing, but sometimes I’ll see a recipe I’d like to try some day, you know like right before the zombie apocalypse happens and my family and I are forced into the woods and I morph into Mama Katniss (nope haven’t given this much thought at all). I saw this dip recipe that looked really easy to make so I thought “why not? I’ll pin it.” Now here’s an FYI for you: this isn’t my first go around at trying a recipe from Pinterest, but the first one was such a disaster that I forgot to take pics, let’s just say baking something in a mason jar, in the microwave – not such a good idea; IMO anyway, but that wouldn’t deter me from trying again. So here’s my next attempt. I’ll admit it was much easier! I mean hello there were only 4 ingredients. From what I read this dip is also known, in some circles, as “Crack” dip because everyone will want more and if you take it to a party/the office/potluck you won’t have any leftovers and people will even lick the bowl/plate clean for you!

I just mixed everything in a plastic container and left it in the container since it was just for us, if I were taking this to a party, potluck, etc. I would definitely put it in a pretty bowl or plate and garnish the top with some more bacon and shredded cheese or its thick enough that you could probably form it into a cheese ball type of thing. I prepared the dip the night before, that way my husband and/or son wouldn’t try to sneak a taste before it was ready. I set it out on the table the next evening as an appetizer while we were preparing dinner. I tried it with two different chips, Fritos and Calidad. The Fritos when paired with the dip made for a very salty taste, so if you like salty this is the way to go. I definitely preferred the Calidad nacho chip over the Frito chip – less salty.


Overall, this was an okay dip. Would I make it again? Not just for us to have at home – no, but if I needed to whip something up last minute this would definitely be a recipe I would consider. Have you made or tasted this Cheddar Bacon Dip? What did you think? Here’s a link to my pin if you’d like to try it yourself. Let me know what you think if you whip up a batch.



Summer Reading Suggestions – Southern Style

Recently a good friend of mine asked for some good summer reads, so I thought I would share with everyone my list(s). I’m starting out with my Southern Reading list, most of which are oldies but goodies IMO anyway. Here we go…

  • The Help – I read the book, before I watched the movie and I loved it! As usual the book provides you with more background info on the different characters that you just can’t fit into a two hour movie and sadly something’s must be cut for the sake of the movie. The relationship between Minny and Celia is much more fleshed out in the book and very comical and reading about Minny’s “Terrible Awful” is just so much better in the book and yes you will laugh out loud, so be careful where you read this part of the book unless of course you don’t mind people looking at you like you’re crazy. 😉 You also see the dynamics and relationships of the maids and the babies they raised because the mothers were either too busy planning parties or just plain out rejected their own child. And whenever I feel sick I think to myself “Aibileen, please add my name to your list.” If you haven’t read The Help, you definitely need to add it to your summer reading list! Believe me it won’t take you very long to finish.
  • Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man by Fannie Flagg – I was introduced to Fannie Flagg after reading Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café (yes 9 times out of 10 if a movie is based on a book I’ma read the book) both of these books deserve a spot on your SRL, but if one were to make it first it should by Daisy Fay. This was the first book that ever made me truly LOL while reading. When the story begins Daisy is an 11 year old who lives in Jackson, MI with her mom and dad and there’s a story between her, her mom and an alligator that makes me laugh every time I think about it. Want to find out what happens? Add it to your list! The book then moves forward 5 years and Daisy Fay’s mom has finally had enough of her drunken husband and leaves a now 16 year old Daisy Fay with him and heads to her sister’s in Virginia. This is the south after all so of course there must be drama, but trust me, I wouldn’t steer you wrong it’s a great summer read with plenty of laughs.

That’s all I have for my Southern Reading list, that I would consider “beach read” worthy now if you’re feeling melancholy anytime during the summer then pick up any of Nicholas Sparks books, my faves are Dear John (waaaaay better than the movie, sorry Channing, but it’s true) and The Choice. On a side note, have you watched Silver Linings Playbook yet? The main character, played by Bradley Cooper, starts to read the books that his estranged wife recommends to her class, but when he gets to a plot twist or the end of the book and it’s a WTF moment he gets so frustrated/mad with the story and/or author that he throws the book. I can relate! Especially with Nicholas Sparks books, so just a bit of a warning there, you may not want to be around windows or make sure your e-reader is well protected in case you let it fly.


Black and Blue by @SallyHansen

Finally, a new mani! DIY of course since all these KSNY purchases have depleted my funds, but hey there’s nothing wrong with DIY and I do not claim to be an expert when it comes to manis, so don’t throw any shade my way. I wish I were an expert though, because there are some girls and boys that know their nail art. So anyway here’s my new mani for Mother’s Day Weekend: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Black and Blue. I love, love, love this shade! And just an FYI if you want to snag yourself a bottle, you better hurry because this was the last bottle at my local CVS so I’m pretty sure this color is going to be hard to find, at a regular price that is.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all my mama readers! ♥


My Latest @katespadeny purchase…



Oh Kate Spade, you and your flash sales! I was minding my own business; working away when I get a lovely email from my dear friend Kate…she’s having a sale! Well, I’ll just take a look at what she has, I’m sure there isn’t anything I really need want during this sale. Wrong! I found this great, blue patent leather clutch wallet on sale for…wait for it…$69! I wasn’t too sure how the color would look once it arrived, but I took the chance because when I was viewing the pics online it looked like I would be able to put my phone (Galaxy S3) in there which would be awesome since it seems that every designer thinks that the only phone being produced now is the iphone. Breaking news designers: it isn’t! And that’s all I’m going to say about that…for now. 😉 OK, back to my wallet.

Isn’t it lovely? The color is so gorgeous and bright, I love it! It pairs well with my KSNY Essex Scout bag that I usually use on the weekends, but also works with my Charlotte Street Sylvie that I just purchased. Oh who am I kidding I’d use it with all my bags, but it would also work alone as a clutch and has room for my phone; although I would have to remove the case it’s in which wouldn’t be bad for me since I don’t use it as a thief deterrent. Overall it was a great purchase; you can find a similar style on Kate Spade’s website here.

My New Kate Spade NY bags


Here’s a quick post to show you my two new acquisitions. The first is the Charlotte Street Sylvie in Iceberg which sadly is no longer available, at least from the Kate Spade website anyway. I’ve been using this bag for a few days now and I love it! It holds all of my things comfortably and if I wanted to I could add my Kindle Fire and still have plenty of room. Of course adding my Kindle Fire definitely makes the bag much heavier, but I’m sure with the additional strap it wouldn’t be so bad. Since I’ve only been carrying it to the office I removed the strap so it wouldn’t catch on anything. I’d normally leave the strap hanging, but this bag is so nice it looks better without it. I’m sure if/when I go shopping I’ll add the strap so I can be more hands free when I need to be.

The other bag I ordered is the Post Street Little Nadine in Electric Lime. I ordered it during Kate Spade’s “Friends and Family” Sale, everything was 25% off including what was already on sale. Love it! I spotted the Post Street Little Nadine, but really didn’t have any intention of ordering it, but I kept going back to it. I think the color is perfect for this Spring & Summer and it could really be carried into the Fall. I’m not sure how much it will hold or how comfortably it’ll hold everything I carry, but I shall see. J This bag also has an adjustable strap that can easily be removed which I love; being able to switch your bag to a cross-body bag when you need both hands free is always a plus in my book.

Do you have the Kate Spade NY Sylvie or Nadine? Let me know what you think and check back later for a post of my newest arrival.


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