Cheddar Bacon Dip via @Pinterest

Most of my pins lean more towards bags, shoes and clothing, but sometimes I’ll see a recipe I’d like to try some day, you know like right before the zombie apocalypse happens and my family and I are forced into the woods and I morph into Mama Katniss (nope haven’t given this much thought at all). I saw this dip recipe that looked really easy to make so I thought “why not? I’ll pin it.” Now here’s an FYI for you: this isn’t my first go around at trying a recipe from Pinterest, but the first one was such a disaster that I forgot to take pics, let’s just say baking something in a mason jar, in the microwave – not such a good idea; IMO anyway, but that wouldn’t deter me from trying again. So here’s my next attempt. I’ll admit it was much easier! I mean hello there were only 4 ingredients. From what I read this dip is also known, in some circles, as “Crack” dip because everyone will want more and if you take it to a party/the office/potluck you won’t have any leftovers and people will even lick the bowl/plate clean for you!

I just mixed everything in a plastic container and left it in the container since it was just for us, if I were taking this to a party, potluck, etc. I would definitely put it in a pretty bowl or plate and garnish the top with some more bacon and shredded cheese or its thick enough that you could probably form it into a cheese ball type of thing. I prepared the dip the night before, that way my husband and/or son wouldn’t try to sneak a taste before it was ready. I set it out on the table the next evening as an appetizer while we were preparing dinner. I tried it with two different chips, Fritos and Calidad. The Fritos when paired with the dip made for a very salty taste, so if you like salty this is the way to go. I definitely preferred the Calidad nacho chip over the Frito chip – less salty.


Overall, this was an okay dip. Would I make it again? Not just for us to have at home – no, but if I needed to whip something up last minute this would definitely be a recipe I would consider. Have you made or tasted this Cheddar Bacon Dip? What did you think? Here’s a link to my pin if you’d like to try it yourself. Let me know what you think if you whip up a batch.




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