My Latest @katespadeny purchase…



Oh Kate Spade, you and your flash sales! I was minding my own business; working away when I get a lovely email from my dear friend Kate…she’s having a sale! Well, I’ll just take a look at what she has, I’m sure there isn’t anything I really need want during this sale. Wrong! I found this great, blue patent leather clutch wallet on sale for…wait for it…$69! I wasn’t too sure how the color would look once it arrived, but I took the chance because when I was viewing the pics online it looked like I would be able to put my phone (Galaxy S3) in there which would be awesome since it seems that every designer thinks that the only phone being produced now is the iphone. Breaking news designers: it isn’t! And that’s all I’m going to say about that…for now. 😉 OK, back to my wallet.

Isn’t it lovely? The color is so gorgeous and bright, I love it! It pairs well with my KSNY Essex Scout bag that I usually use on the weekends, but also works with my Charlotte Street Sylvie that I just purchased. Oh who am I kidding I’d use it with all my bags, but it would also work alone as a clutch and has room for my phone; although I would have to remove the case it’s in which wouldn’t be bad for me since I don’t use it as a thief deterrent. Overall it was a great purchase; you can find a similar style on Kate Spade’s website here.


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