Prabal Gurung for Target has Arrived!!

Finally, it’s time to fall in love! And oh boy did I fall. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this collection after The Shops and the Neiman Marcus + Target collections were a bit of a disappointment (to me anyway), I really wasn’t going in with high hopes for this collection. But once the look book was out I couldn’t wait, it was going to be Christmas in February! I wrote a post of what I was hoping to purchase once midnight hit, but surprisingly I didn’t get the red dress. Instead I ordered the three dresses here:

Prabal Gurung Finally

(1) Drop Waist Dress in First Date Print, $34.99  (2) Short Sleeve Dress – Calypso Coral, $39.99  (3) Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print, $39.99

I order all three online plus the the Ankle Strap Pumps in Dresden Blue and Apple Red. It seemed as though the Sulfur Spring color was the only one of the ankle strap pumps you could purchase in-store, but by the time I got to my Target the shoes had been picked clean! Speaking of my Target I am by no means an early riser so by the time I was able to make it into our local Target, IMO, it was slim pickings. Now I don’t know if that’s because the powers that be at corporate headquarters didn’t think that we Northern Texans wouldn’t be interested in a Prabal Gurung collection or if it’s just that our Target, even though it’s a “Super” Target isn’t really that big, isn’t going to get the full in-store collection because it’s a smaller store and I can understand not getting a full collection for that reason, but come on corporate, can we get more than four racks with one or two sizes of each garment? Sorry about the soap box moment there, but I’m keeping it in. 😉 But that’s yet another reason why I ordered online.

The Short Sleeve Dress in First Date Print was actually in my Target store when I dropped in on Sunday and in the size I ordered, so I tried it on, along with the skirt in Meet the Parents Print, the Long Sleeve Tee in Floral Crush Print and the Colorblock Long Sleeve Sweater in Atlantis Green. The dress was true to size so if you haven’t purchased anything and you’re worried about sizing – everything, IMO, is pretty much TTS as far as dresses and skirts go (yes, I did buy the skirt too, hello it has pockets!). The colorblock sweater was a wee bit big, but there wasn’t a smaller size for comparison to see how varied the sizing is. I ultimately did get both sweaters. They seem to be running big, because I got the floral sweater in a small and the colorblock in the medium even though it was a bit big, because it was just too cute to pass up! Once my order arrives I’ll try and do another post on the shoes and the remaining dresses. Ta-ta for now. Did you pick up anything from the collection? Let me know in the comments. 🙂


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