The Hopeless Romantic

Prabal Gurung for Target

Dress in Apple Red ($49.99), Crystal Stone Cutout Bangles in black and silver ($24.99), Bangles in First Date print/Dresden Blue, Calypso Coral print/black, Nolita print/Sulfur Spring ($16.99 each), Ankle-strap heels in Blazing Yellow, Dresden Blue**, black** and Apple Red** ($39.99 ** exclusive)

Have you taken the Love Style quiz at Target’s website? Well I did and I’m a hopeless romantic. Go figure. 😉 I was actually surprised how accurate the result turned out to be considering that I had put this list together before I took the quiz.

I’m really excited for this collection to arrive in store and online. The pieces I’m after seem to be evenly split between “ exclusive” and in store purchases which could be good or bad for Target. So long as they can handle the volume of people that will be shopping online at midnight I think the complaints will be low, because let’s face it, you’re always going to have someone who has to complain about something. It’ll also keep the poachers to a minimum so that there isn’t such a fiasco like there was for the Jason Wu collaboration (I hope). I may actually have to set my alarm and head to Target as soon as they open…or maybe not my husband may think there’s something seriously wrong with me if I wake up that early. Either way, one thing is certain my bank account is going to feel this one. FIVE MORE DAYS PEOPLE!!!


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