Is it really December?

Is it really December?

This Texas weather is crazy! I love the fact that I can still wear my skirts without tights and by the time it gets cold enough everything wil be on sale! But still, I’m ready to wear my Rachel Zoe jacket for more than just half a day.

Today I had a chance to wear my KSNY zebra print skirt, which I love! I was worried about the bow when I ordered it, but I had nothing to worry about because it’s attached and isn’t going to come undone or move. The Old Navy blouse my hubby actually found for me. When I first saw it I was getting a Charlie’s Angels 70’s vibe from it, but once I tried it on I loved it! I’m hoping I can go back for other colors especially a purple color. The Zara court shoes were a great find on Black Friday and I’m so glad I didn’t hesitate ordering them. The shoe is well made and I love the heel and they’re very easy to walk in and comfortable in an office setting. I didn’t get the chance to give them the “shopping test” so check back on my blog for an update and more pics.


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