My Outfit For Today

My Outfit For Today

Well now that it’s much cooler weather, I thought I would be able to finally take some pics of what I’m wearing each day. Uh, yeah I forgot about daylight savings time. :-/ I miss that extra hour of daylight and yes it *just* now started getting cooler, last week we were still in the 80’s so I seriously forgot that by the time I’m done at the office it’s completely dark outside!
So I’m showing you my outfit Polyvore style!

I’m so excited that I can finally bring out my RZ faux fur coat. I love it! It’s so light weight, but keeps me warm and it has a hood for those windy days. I found this great orange Old Navy dress this weekend and since our weather has cooled down I also found this great orange and navy cardi that’s also from Old Navy. There was a purple and navy cardi I really liked, but I couldn’t find anything to go with it so I didn’t buy it…next time! I’ve had my LC boots for a few months, so if you love them sorry but Kohl’s doesn’t have them for sale anymore. I will say that they’re very comfortable, as are all the other shoes I have from Lauren Conrad. I can walk in them all day without wanting to rip them off my feet when I finally get home. And last, but definitely not least, is my DKNY bag, that’s actually Spring Runway 2012 but the mix of creams, gray and black colors definitely helps you carry it into Fall and beyond. I love it! It can carry everything I need comfortably and it has a longer strap for cross-body wearing if you need to have your hands free.

And that is my outfit for the day! What do you think? What did you wear today?


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