Reviews are helpful!

Heidi Merrick Dress

One of the reasons why I started my blogger blog (this sounds weird every time I say it) is because I would see something cute online especially shoes, but I didn’t know how it would fit, if any of the adornments would fall off after a couple of hours, if there was a “breaking in” period, nothing! And the city/town I live in doesn’t have stores like Michael Kors (never in a million years), Charlotte Russe (maybe someday) or Zara (my husband will rent a U-Haul the next day and move us to our new town population: US) which means I’d have to order online and hope I liked it once I got it or deal with the return drama. So when I buy something I try to post a review of it and provide pictures so you can see what it’ll look like in real life. And that’s why I like places like ShopBop. I spotted the dress on the left in a post from Refinery29 seen here. I was in love! Lucky for me Refinery29 gives you the info on what people are wearing and so I searched and found that Heidi Merrick (the designer of the dress) has a website – no reviews – and that her dresses are also for sale on ShopBop, yay for reviews! This means that at $218 (on sale!) I will definitely not be purchasing one anytime soon, if you read the reviews you’ll understand why.

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