Now Reading: The Last Echo

I’m now starting Chapter 10 of The Last Echo, my BTFF got me the book for my birthday and I actually started reading it during our vacation back in July, but our family vacations could rival the Griswald’s at times, so I have yet to finish it (sorry BTFF). If you’d like to see pics of our fun vacation you can check them out here and here.

Here’s my thoughts on The Last Echo so far. Just an FYI if you’re still reading I’m going to take that as you don’t mind spoilers or you’re at least on Chapter 10 and if you’re also reading TLE please keep this post spoiler free beyond Chapter 10. Thanks!

My thoughts/predictions as of Chapter 10 (finally!):

  • My prediction: Sara and Rafe are related. At first I thought they could be mother and son, because of the way they act around/towards each other, but Sara doesn’t strike me as the type to get pregnant as a teen. She’s too orderly and Type A for that. So I’m thinking they’re brother and sister.
  • I’m glad Jay had a chance to see where Violet works, but now there’s Gemma. Is she going after Jay? We know Gemma doesn’t like Violet so would she try to break Jay and Violet up?
  • My prediction: The Collector will go after Violet, but who will save her, Rafe of Jay?
  • James Nua, what’s going on there? He’s in jail so he can’t go after Violet…right?

So there’s some of what I’m thinking so far, I may or may not do another post depending on whether I finish with the book before I can get a post out first. If you’re reading The Last Echo what are your thoughts so far? I’m off to read some more TLE!


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