My Outfit of the Day

My Outfit of the Day


Well today was even hotter than the other day (112 to be exact) and I tried to take some indoor pics, but they didn’t quite turn out like I would’ve liked them to. I love using Polyvore though and it’s a great way of showing you all my OOTD, so here’s what I wore today.

Friday is casual day at the office so I got to wear my new capri jeans. I found these at Old Navy and I love them! Not only because they actually hit where they should, but they’re also very comfortable. The top is also from Old Navy and is a great purple color with a floral print and to top it off, it was on sale! Love it!! The strappy sandals are from Zara and are very comfortable. I had them on all day at the office plus I wore them out to dinner and a trip to Game Stop. Somebody had giftcards he wanted to use. đŸ˜‰Â And of course my Zara bag and Armani sunglasses make another appearance. Want more info on any of the pieces I wore today? Just click on the set above.

What do you wear for casual friday?




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