Zara is on sale!


Oh yeah I may have done a bit of shopping! Just a little bit though, trust me when I say my cart was beyond full. So I paired it down to a few things knowing that the return would be hassle free since I was already returning something to Zara prior to this order. Weeeelll my return wasn’t so hassle free!

Zara ships through FedEx so if you have a return you must (as far as I know anyway) return it via FedEx ground and in the same box it was shipped in so that the return will be free. So I packed up my beautiful strawberry jogging blazer 😦 and took it to the nearest shipping center. I should’ve known things would go wrong when I discovered I forgot the security sticker and had to drive all the way home to get it, then drive back to the shipping center. When I arrived the second time this idiot was blocking a handicap and regular parking spot right in front of the FedEx center…so I honked (politely) he started to charge his phone and act like he just discovered the cure for everything and ignoring my honk. So I honked again and rolled up next to him and told him to get the frack out of the way (not so politely). He moved. Then I get inside and when it’s finally my turn the jack-wagon behind the counter looks at my box, flips it over, pushes on it, like he was inspecting a melon and then tells me the box is too flimsy and he can’t ship it in that box. What the? Seriously? Yep, no can do. I tell him I already put the security sticker on the box and the instructions say it must be returned in its original packaging. So he says he has a box he can put my box in. Yes! So he gets the box, puts mine into it and tells me it’ll be $12! Say wah?!? I wasn’t buying into that scam! So I took my return and left. Jack-wagon waves me off as if to say “you’ll be back”. I get back to work, since I was doing all this during my lunch hour and decide to go to shipping center number two after work. I decide to use our packing tape at the office to tape down the sides and that’s the only change I made. I get to the shipping center prepared for another scam story, but instead I walk in hand over my box, get a thank you from the person behind the counter and done. Wow! Faith restored in FedEx. The lesson I learned from this? I will no longer do any business at shipping center #1 and I’ll make sure everyone knows why. And that’s my return story so far since I now have to wait for Zara to receive the package and give me my refund. To be continued…

P.S. My order should be here on Friday! Can’t wait to show off what I ordered and I hope it all fits!


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