Zara Jogging Blazer

I ordered this blazer from Zara a couple of weeks ago and when I received it I immediately feel in love with the color! Let me tell you, this picture doesn’t do it justice! The strawberry color is beautiful and the fabric is beyond soft, unfortunately I still had to send it back. #SadDay

Source: via Sweetpeas on Pinterest


Here’s why I had to return it: the sleeves, specifically the top portion. It may have been because it’s lined, but it was very snug (I ordered a medium – my usual size) and I was just wearing a short sleeve shirt. I switched to a tank top and it didn’t really help any. This blazer definitely wouldn’t work with a long sleeve or even a light sweater. Now it could be that this particular blazer runs a bit small and in order for it to fit, you would just need to size up one, but I’m 5’1″ so this wouldn’t work for me because the sleeve length on this piece was already a bit long for me. Have you purchased a jogging blazer from Zara? How did it work for you?

Stay tuned for more Zara news…I have one word for you SALE!


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