@katespadeny ‘selma’ stripe turtleneck sweater dress

I just spotted this lovely dress here, thank you Neiman Marcus for the email. 😉 It’s of course by Kate Spade.

Source: shop.nordstrom.com via Sweetpea on Pinterest

It’s red and taupe with micro-stripes on the sleeves and it’s made out of Egyptian cotton, silk and cashmere, which sounds super soft to me, but of course that makes it dry clean only. Here’s what I find interesting though, the back of the dress has these buttons…

Source: shop.nordstrom.com via Sweetpea on Pinterest

Which in my opinion means that you can wear it both ways! I’d love to give that a try…if anyone over at KSNY is reading this. 😉 I will be in Dallas this weekend so I may give it a try then…if my hubby is properly drugged can be persuaded to take me to North Park. I guess a trip to Bass Pro Shop is in my future.


2 thoughts on “@katespadeny ‘selma’ stripe turtleneck sweater dress

  1. Ohh, it’s gorgeous! I wouldn’t worry about the dry-clean-only thing, this dress is definitely worth that (relatively minor) hassle! And I’m totally with you – I’d wear it both ways too – those buttons on the back are a really pretty detail, so it would definitely work! Hopefully hubby will take you on that little shopping excursion this weekend 😉

    Stay stylish Sweetpea! 🙂

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

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