Say hello to Peeta


So I gave the iTouch app a whirl last night and it wasn’t anything to write home about. This morning it’s Android’s turn and I’m loving it so far!
Back to Peeta, he’s my Yorkie and yes he goes with us on our trips to Home Depot! I love that place, the people are so friendly, they love on Peeta and are ready to help us when we need it. I get a lot of looks when I tell people Peeta’s name because it sounds like “P.E.T.A.” the organization that goes cuukoo when someone wears fur so I have to explain that I got the name from one of my fave book series Hunger Games, which if you haven’t read it you must! Peeta loves playing with his big brother, our boxer, so yeah I’m not exaggerating when I say big.  🙂
That’s all for now, back to work.


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